Tuesday, May 6, 2014

TFW Fall 2014 Day 1

Tbilisi Fashion Week Fall 2014 was opened with Atelier Kikala fashion show. It is the only third season for the brand which is already very successful. Creative director Lado Bokuchava is more focused on minimalism and interesting shapes. What i like the most is that, designer emphasizes his style, view which is really important for the brand to be memorable. What i love with this brand is that  at the same time, collection is very different from the previous ones, with interesting and unpredictable details, patterns, silhouettes.  As a young designer, Lado is very risky and creative. The most precious thing with this brand is that, almost all the pieces are handmade,  shoes are hand-painted and so on. How about the fabrics and colors? Oh, J'adore the pink pieces.
Proud to have such designer!

Gola Damian ( Dalood Group) Fall 2014 collection was really amazing. It was the brand's second show which was very successful. Adored colorful, funny, beautiful collection for fall 2014, with interesting prints. He is very creative, risky, free, trendy and commercial at the same time. Loved the mix of the colors as always. Beaded details - very trendy!
 It's really difficult to get a good position on the fashion market, even in Georgia and maintain it, but in my opinion, Gola Damian has every potential to be one of the leading brand in Georgia.
How about the shoes? Must-have for Fall 2014! Definitely! 

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