Sunday, April 6, 2014

Anouki Fall Winter 2014/15

Anouki Fall Winter 2014/15 collection was a debut in Tbilisi. I am really proud to have such Georgian designers. If not Tbilisi, i would have a feeling like i was attending Paris Fashion Week. Brand Anouki presented very feminine collection. Later 60's style, with very elegant and classy silhouette, dark colors colorized with fur and beads. Interesting materials and technique of presenting it in different ways. Mix of feminine and masculine shapes. Collection was really creative, trendy with green color, beads, fur, shapes and commercial with accessories, like over-knee boots with cut-outs, beaded details and interesting design of boots with fur.
Congratulations Anouki, it was a really privilege to have a such debut, like it's a brand with a big history, not as a beginner. 

Btw all photos are taken with my phone, sorry for the quality, but i couldn't wait for the photographers, who are always late :)


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