Sunday, June 16, 2013

Salome Mkheidze Collection during Be Next contest 2013

Be Next is a fashion design contest, which is founded by Sophia Tchkonia. This contest helps young talented designers to present their collections to the large audience including professionals from world fashion industry. I really appreciate the work of the people who organize this contest and give chance young designers to get more experienced and become successful. Each year contest takes place in Kobuleti, Georgia Palace Hotel. This was the very first year i've attended it and  found  out a lot of crazy talented people. One of my fav was Salome Mkheidze with her HAUTE Collection called "Memories". As i talked with her, inspiration came from bead knitting technologies. She used Golden, wooden bead,s metallic details and pearls. All handmade. Loved her pieces a lot. I think she has a lot of potentials being a successful designer, not only in Georgia. Talent never disappears.


  1. amazing indeed!


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