Sunday, June 24, 2012

COMME des GARÇONS - White Drama

Creative breaks, Rei Kawakubo transfigures the classic exercise of the parade and distorts the codes of haute couture. White with Drama and almost monochrome models, it magnifies the major stages of life: birth, marriage, death and transcendence. Drama White is white, pure, ceremony and all its nuances. Outbreaks floral puff of handkerchiefs, fleecy material, here inspired lace holes of a christening gown and there an ornamental knot obi way, great coats and high hats reminiscent of the Sevillian processions of Holy Week, the dress married like the envelope of an insect and silky fabrics, turns raw and refined, bright and dull, opaque and transparent, that stand, breathe, flourish borrowing from the mineral, vegetable and animal life forces of nature.White Drama is a tour de force because it emanates from these architectures scholarly fashion an intangible dimension that affects the spiritual and transports you into the world of unclassifiable Rei Kawakubo.


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