Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ari Seth Cohen - Advanced Style (Exclusive)

Ari Seth Cohen is a person who made a great job in fashion world. He is an owner of ADVNACED STYLE blog. Im a permanent visitor of his blog and checking out the style of elders. You know i've posted about  Iris Apfel (Click here), Elders style (Click here) and for the next issue in AmartaEXPRESS i made an article about elders style. What i mean is that age doesn't matter in fashion. They are people with a huge experience, personality and amazing style. If we wear some accessories with closed eyes, they always think too much which, how and why to wear. Today i found out the film Ari Seth was making about their style in TV and there was an interview with 91 years old woman who was saying that without accessories outfit is not finished. Accessories gives you a possibility to express your feelings better. So, not to get bored with my opinions, i've decided to make an interview with that guy, who found advanced style and became the most popular blogger in the world.

Anobano: So, when decided to make a blog why the style of advanced people was the most interesting for you?

Ari Seth Cohen: Older people are the most ignored segment of the population, but they are the most fascinating. They have so much life experience. I was best friends with my grandmother and was very inspired by her style and spirit. I started the blog to show people that style and creativity don't end at a certain age.

Anobano: And i can definitely agree with you as due to your posts was thinking too much about my grandmas wardrobe and choosing her vintage outfits for my look. How did you plan to begin blogging only about their style? Isn't it difficult to  meet people straightaway at the place where you are? For example in Tbilisi, if you plan to make a project about smth , its pretty hard to get the result you want.

Ari Seth Cohen: I saw a lot of young girls dressing like they were inspired by older women as well. I decided to start the blog because there was a lack of visibility for older people in fashion. I just started approaching people on the streets and asking if I could take there photos. People started to write about my project pretty soon after. New Yorkers are very open and willing to share about their lives and experiences especially older ones.

Anobano: As i know after NY, you decided to go out of USA and begin blogging about London, Milan, Paris advanced style people yes?

Ari Seth Cohen : Yes wherever I am invited. I'd love to photograph Advanced Style all around the world. Each city has a unique take on style. New York is very free, Paris very classic.

Anobano : Did you faced some difficulties that wasn't in NY?

Ari Seth Cohen: Yes of course language barriers

Anobano: not onlyAs you previously said, New Yorkers are really free in each case. Isn't it difficult to agree such elders about photo shooting? Sometimes even youth are lazy to do so.

Ari Seth Cohen: I have found wonderful people in every city. Yes, they arent used to be asked to pose for photorgaphs, but they usually enjoy it tremendouslyit gives them energy.

Anobano: How did you interest them to agree with you?

Ari Seth Cohen: I never insist, just ask and explain what I do, starting with a compliment. Its all about making them feel comfrtable.

Anobano: I can definitely say that the most part of elders that i know, made some articles or posts, comes from your blog and i would like to thank you a lot!!!

Ari Seth Cohen: Thank you!

Anobano : Hope your destination in future will be Georgia, because there are too much elders who care about their looks, styles, personality and express their feelings better than youth about dressing. Will be glad to see you in Georgia.

Ari Seth Cohen: That sounds great Ill have to find a way to come.

Anobano: Thank you a lot for having a time to make an interview exclusively for my blog, have a nice day.

Ari Seth Cohen: You too!

His book - Advanced Style ARI SETH COHEN

For more check out his blog : ADVANCED STYLE


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