Thursday, May 17, 2012

TFW Fall 2012-13 Opening Day

Davit Tchalidze Photography

Today opened Tbilisi Fashion Week Near Buddha Bar. The event was opened by Tamuna Ingorokva photo exhibition. Designer made a collaboration with Queen Jewelery Mawi. After that designer Aka Nanitashvili presented fall winter 2012-13 collection. To be honest i liked collection very much and i would wear all of them with a big pleasure but only right now, not for fall 2012-13. Pastel and color-blocking, asymmetrical dresses and skirts, collars and lace, espadrilles were main trend of her collection. I can say that it was best collection Aka ever showed but i think that for fall 2012-13, she would offered something new, not the outfits and trends that are too much from lasts season's fashion shows. Now you can check out the collection. Can't wait to hear your opinions. BTW photos of my whole look will be available ASAP ( when photographers will send them to me :))

Tamuna Ingorokva & Queen Jewelery

My looks will be tomorrow :)
Have a nice dreams!
BTW waiting for ur opinions about collection!


  1. აკას ფერებით მოვიხიბლე

  2. What an amazing bag!!! Green forever!


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