Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Look Today - Ripped Jeans

Today was really fabulous day as my brother came back to Tbilisi. Im very happy because i didn't knew about his arrival. We had a really funny day :) So, what else about my look. As i've posted that RIPPED JEANS ( Check out post) is really very trendy, i damaged it myself. Also as it's spring, green bag ( New Look) is really very chic for this season too. Im also wearing Zara sharp-nozed heels, Zara chiffon shirt with neon necklace.


  1. wooow ananoo
    dzalian momwons yvelaferi

  2. sharp-nozed axalia rame? :D

  3. point-toe qvia magas :P

  4. point-toe aris dalian wvetiani da sharp-noze aris eseti wveti rogoric me macvia:) arwivis cxviris pormis

  5. Hi there,
    Thank you for your comment! I love how you styled the clear heel with the boyfriend jeans!! Great look! I just followed you with Google and Bloglovin'
    So you can follow me back now:)

  6. Thank you! For sure following back:)

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