Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Article In AmartaEXPRESS

When i was asked to make a collaboration with Georgian newspaper AmartaEXPRESS i was really happy, because it's really pretty hard to get appealing and attractive your view, job, ideas for others... I definitely accepted this offer. To be honest, i always think that everyone must grab each moment, each opportunity in life, to get more experienced. It's really big pleasure for me to have a chance of working with such a good team as Amarta has.  Hope my articles will be always interesting, but if don't, please feel free to advice and give me opportunity to become better than i am in any conditions right now:) Thanks my lovely readers to all of you, because this success, as i am part of this fabulous team, becomes from you!!!

Here you can find also a link
where Jaba Sikharulidze ( PR manager of Amarta media group) and Me as a fashion blogger and part of this team are announcing about this fabulous newspapers presentation. LINK>>>http://www.myvideo.ge/?act=dvr&chan=rustavi2&seekTime=03-04-2012+09%3A30

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