Saturday, April 28, 2012

Elene Makharashvili For ELLE Girl Magazine

Anobano: Tell me about your very first step in fashion business? How old were you?
Elene: I was 14 years old, when someone contacted me on facebook, she was interested in me and wanted me to go somewhere to work in some models agency, but i was too young for that hard work. Then i realized why not? i decided to go in some Georgian model agency, where i was accepted straightaway. At that moment of time TBS fashion week was beginning where i was asked to participate too. That kind of job was continuing for 2 years. After that i've got another offer from LOOKMODELS, where agents from Paris where interested in me and the first contract was done with IMG models agency.
Anobano: Which is the most important shooting, that will be always part of your life? 
Elene: : I remember when i was almost nacked in the winter, where we had a photo shooting. It was so funny and cold outside.
Anobano: Where are you now and what's your everyday job?
Elene: Now, im in Tokyo. It's the 3d month im working here and its really amazing.  I have shootings almost every day for ELLE girl magazine ( including Cover), for Mme Figaro magazine, for ELLE online (Tokyo) and so on. I've got too much experience, which is very essential for my future in that business. 
Anobano: What's your short-term plan?
Elene: In June, im going to Paris, where i will stay for one month. After that i ll take a rest and from September Work, Work and Work. I ll do my best to become very successful and will try hard with all my efforts.
Anobano: Thank you so much for having a time to make an interview with my blog. Wish you a great success because YOU CAN DO IT!!! You are really very talented girl as far as you had shootings for ELLE girl magazine right now, which will become a key in the very close future, to become a cover girl for VOGUE or Harper's BAZAAR. I promise, i ll post all information about your success and for sure, you will be. 


  1. au ra kai gogoa <3

  2. Another post about upcoming Georgian related to fashion. REally enjoyed reading the interview. She is truly beautiful inside and out and I wish her all the best with all my heart.


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