Saturday, March 17, 2012

Anouki Bicholla Fall Winter 2012 | Bird-detailed must-haves

Anouki Bicholla A/W 2012 collection was really amazing. Few days ago, before the show i've find out their collections lookbook, by which the theme and inspiration was really understandable. The first thing i want to emphasize is birds, that are main details of whole collection with some Georgian national costume's details. Im fascinated by their creativity, it's so good feeling when Georgian designers are on a successful way. Im honestly proud of them,  as young talented designers definitely exaggarated our hopes. The main color of collection was black and camel. My favorite palazzo paints and high-waisted plisse skirts were included in collection. I want to emphasize also cutout pant, which was my favorite one. No words is needed in order to explain how much fabulous was bird-detailed clothing. It's just like as a must-have for every woman's wardrobe, in order to have a gorgeous look. 
Congratulations guyz! It was really well-done job!
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My Favorite Cutouts

Knitted socks seems to be again trendy for fall 2012 

Photo Sources: Jettsetter


  1. ragaceebi momecona ragaceebi ara. mtlianobashi araushavs. :) gadasarevi ar ari. :)

  2. Are you sure that bird detailed pieces are a must-have?

  3. yep, cuz not only Anouki Bicholla presented them :) Carolina Herrera and other designers also presented collection inspired by bird prints or other details, so if you don't agree me, it doesn't mean that im not right!!!

  4. you need to chill:) I was just asking.
    and still, I think that word "must-have" should be defined otherwise. it should be widely trendy object or material or print. In this case, I don't think those pieces are a must-have. just my opinion.

  5. I don't need your advice what to do ok?:))) your opinion is understandable but i don't agree with you. So dats ma business, if i like smth what i ll call 'em. For me its must-have. So keep ur ideas for urself :))

  6. I don't think those pieces are a must-have, I think the same, but the collection is really well-done and I love it.

    awwwww and you both need to chill :))))

  7. it's individual. The same pieces arn't always must-haves for every one. Each person has an individual view, style and wishes. So for me this birds are must-haves and i express it on a such way. If Ninutsal doesn't agree with me and you too, dats not problem for me, everyone has it's own idea :)

  8. So, what you're saying is that everyone has their own style and view and you have the right to express it and I don't.
    Btw, my ideas will always be myself, don't worry about that, they won't get lost. If it's public blog, you should expect some different opinion.
    Sorry for expressing my views in your comment box :)

  9. that's why we are bloggers, coz we have individual views, wish-lists and so on. that should not be the reason of quarrel, so lets live together..
    peace and love
    Giorgi Sarishvili-Wazowski

  10. So it depends on me how i ll express the pieces that i love. If i say about the collection that it's gorgeous maybe u don't like them but at the same time, you don't have to say me how to express my opinions. For me it's must have, for me some details are must-have, some don't. you can say your opinion in my comment box but don't straightly say it on a negative way. It's my personal blog and i ll always share things im inspired with. Someone likes it someone doesn't

  11. I'm not telling you how to express your opinions because that would be stupid:)
    Just to clarify once more:
    I was expressing my opinion : The bird-details are not must-have.
    It is as simple as that. And you're telling me to keep my views by myself. :)
    So, I think you should tone down your aggressive and negative attitude.
    Your Personal Blog is PUBLIC.

  12. I know that it's public and as im always sharing things that are really interesting for ppl, that's why its so popular and i have too many visitors:) so, i think that the aggressive and negative person here is only u, because it's not the first time you are commenting on a negative way, such opinions that arn't really interesting especially for me. You don't have to care about my readers, they always are positive and understandable everything i share on the right way, you want to say smth new that i don't know? :)))it's so funny :) So, if you don't like my posts and opinions, post everything you like on ur blog!!!On a contrary, i never visit ur blog :) dat's the difference in us!:))) Bye

  13. Wow it came to the point that we should insult each other? Wow, very mature! Let's deal with this like 2-year old kids would do.
    I never see any comments on your posts so I think you should be really happy that I'm making any comments about anything, because your blog is a walking "Cliche". I don't give a shit about your readers or your blog especially from now on. And Btw, My blog is not public so i don't fucking care if anybody visits it and especially you. Go on and continue your life as an ignorant person.
    You are so original. Bye.

  14. yoveltvis dzalian mixaria qartveli designerebis naxva.
    yvelaze ufro am koleqciashi qartuli motivebi momwons. Very subtle too. Their man's line is to die for. well, at least if i were a guy :)
    I do like birds. Birds seem to be everywhere this season.

  15. samwuxarod kartveli tu rames karts gaaketebs aucileblad chaqolvis da kritikis sagani xdeba da arakartvels agmerteben!!! esaa kartvelebis ubedureba. uchirt agiaron martla nichieri admaianenbi romlebmac rames miagwies:) tumac isev mat akldebat amit:)))

  16. Someone told me BYE and i thought that u wouldn't visit my blog anymore and add ur comments in my box :))))Not insulting, just saying right things about you :) It's not right to say always bad things. Just try to see something good even in Georgian ppls efforts, as they are trying hard to get success. I always look at ur comments, on my friends blogs too that you are critisizing everyone, laughing at theme. Do u feel urself in the sky just likes as a star? Calm down and care about ur business! :))) Try to do things better than others can, despite of critisize them and then write your boring opinions !!!

  17. btw ignorant person :))) i think that u were talking about urself :)))))))) Go somewhere to remove this negative feelings from ur mind and soul, otherwise u ll lose!:))

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