Thursday, February 16, 2012


Here you can find an interview exclusively for my blog with Simone Marchetti - Man, who brought some colors in grey Milan.

Anobano: Simone, tell me about yourself and your participation in world fashion industry?
Simone: I'm a fashion journalist. I love fashion, I love the way it can be able to reflet the contemporary world and how it can traslate it into a dressit's like wearing an idea, or a vision.
Anobano: Your favorite trend for this season?
Simoneprint, color, golf shoes, knitwear,mixing basic with crazyness

Anobano: Your favorite designer?

Simone: Miuccia Prada

Anobano: Have you ever heard about Georgian fashion?

Simone: Yes

Anobano: Can you tell me shortly about that?

Simone: I can't tell you a lot because I never came there. I just see that a lot of countries and cities are trying to grow a fashion weee. And that's interesting by itself.

Anobano: Hope, we ll have an opportunity to invite you in Georgia and show you what's happening in Georgian fashion industry. Your idea is really interesting especially for me and hope for everyone, who loves fashion.

This is the short interview with Simone Marchetti, who took my attention with his ineresting looks, colorful printed pants. I love his style and i'm glad having a chance to talk to him :) He is a very busy right now because of catwalks, as he told me before the interview, so extensively about him maybe another time :)
Hope you enjoyed the interview:)


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