Tuesday, December 27, 2011

YSL - My New Cosmetics

The main care for every woman is a beauty.
In order to maintain beauty secrets, i think that women must try hard to use high quality cosmetics. They have to care their skin by the way of good cosmetics. YSL cosmetics are my fav ones, just like as skin care Must-haves!
Hope you do ur best to try high quality cosmetics.
Which brand do you prefer the most?

My fav Pure Lipstick

Eye Shadow


  1. ra magrebia, gilocav:) me 68 da 8 nomeri miyvars dzzz YSL tuchsacxebi da exla momewona dzz bleski 4 nomeri:) mascara Lancome mirchevnia, concealer Bobbi Browns, liner Dior da tonic Diorskin Forever:) 100 % getanxmebi rom kosmetika aucileblad xarisxiani und aiyos:)

  2. didi madloba komentaristvis:) tavistavad:))ase vtkvat movlili saxe kvela mandilosnis savizito baratia :)


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