Monday, December 5, 2011

TOPSHOP Unique Spring/Summer 2012

Ancient Egypt was more then apparently the main inspiration for Top Shop Unique’s new, Spring/Summer 2012 collection presented recently at the London Fashion Week.
The stylish theme was interpreted through slick back hair covered in gold, bandage dresses, pyramid shaped bags and hieroglyphs, scarab beetle and Elizabeth Taylor as “Cleopatra” prints, adorning anything from tube tops to bike shorts and tight dresses. The collection abounded with incredibly stylish pieces such as track suits, form fitting short dresses, stripe cut-out shorts and trendy trousers, whose 80’s and 90’s hip hop vibe blended perfectly with the Egypt inspired details. What gave a finishing touch to the collection’s thematic look was definitely the gorgeous color palette ranging from timeless tones such as black, white and beige to soft, gold and pale rose hues.

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