Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gian Paolo Barbieri Photography

Gian Paolo Barbieri was born in Via Mazzini, in the center of Milan in 1938 into a family of wholesalerstissue. Right in the fabrics department store his father acquired the powerswill be useful to do in his fashion photography. As with other large, Armani, for example, is the theaterto exert a powerful fascination on the imagination, so much to do to enroll in the school of actingAmateur Dramatics Theatre, between 1956 and 1957. He and two friends form "The Trio" and the home ofparents are of sentimental dramas: "Double," "La Traviata", "A StreetcarNamed Desire. " Later he was given a small part not spoken in "Medea"Luchino Visconti with Sarah Ferrati and Memo Benassi. Become an actor, and costume with operatorhis "Trio" in the rebuilding of parts of famous movies such as: Tobacco Road, The Life ofToulouse Lautrec and Sunset Boulevard. The American cinema of the '50s is a basicimportant to him, the plays of Tennessee Williams or actors like James Dean, Marlon BrandoLana Turner and Ava Gardner, yet, beautiful women all illuminated by a light that particularmade even more fascinating. When he went to the movies sought to understand how these actressescould be so beautiful when he came home so used everything he had in the cellarto recreate that light, take the bulbs and put them in the stove pipe, but with time he learnedserving Fresnel lenses and reflectors, but could not know, not having attended anyschool. The film gave him the sense of movement and the opportunity to bring Italian fashion, born ofwhite on the platform, outdoors, giving it a different soul.

                                                    Now have a look of his works

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