Monday, April 25, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld's Deliciously Awkward Video For Magnum Ice Cream, Starring Rachel Bilson

Sometimes we can't tell if Karl Lagerfeld has the strangest sense of humor or is beginning to delve into Zoolander territory. On one hand, his commercials for safety vests seemed like a product of calculated hilarity, but his resort '11 collection (remember those highwater flares and karate pajamas?) was a real-life Derelict production. We can't quite figure out which category his new films in partnership with Magnum Ice Cream and the Tribeca Film Festival fall. They seem purposefully humorous—what, with the stilted acting and the ice cream non sequiturs. But, we're assuming the guy (and protagonist Rachel Bilson) got paid a big wad of money to help launch Magnum in the U.S., and so much money usually doesn't pay for awkward satire. What do you say? Is this a brilliant mutiny of corporate funds...or is this just bad

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