Sunday, April 24, 2011

Idea Of Woman (super photos)

Chapeau - Balenciaga, Paris, c. 1954

Dorothy + feathered hat + coffee, Rome, 196

Marilyn Jumping, 1954

Vogue UK, March 1951

Japanese Bath, 1954

Magazine, 1949

Vogue Fashion, in Morocco, 1951

A Report to Skeptics, Suzy Parker, New York

Norma Shearer, looking good, 1927

In the Moonlight, Carmen

All of pretty small dimensions they are signed by the biggest name of the XX Century photography, from Man Ray to Stephane Graffand, even if are snaps realized in several decades, they are absolutely homogeneous and without time. The women pictured – between whom Marilyn MonroeIsabella Rossellini,Christy TurlingtonVeruschka and Jean Scrimpton – are made immortal as divinities of a feminine ideal that do no know changes of fashion.

A collection, this going to be auctioned, of great aesthetic sensibility. There are the minimal nudes by 
Louise Dahl-Wolfe and the ones into the water Brett Weston, the erotic women by Stephane Graff and Bettina Rheims, the snaps for the fashion byIrving Penn and Norman Parkinson, and the without-gravity images byPhilippe Halsman – that portraits an angelic Marilyn Monroe mid-air.

Christie’s expects to realize by the sale about $700,000, the evidence that photography – and most of all the quality one – is more and more sought after by a market that do not seem to care of the image reproducibility.


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